Here Comes the Loooong Weekend!

Hi Everyone -

Greetings from Hawaii!

We traveled from LA today and play tonight in Honolulu and tomorrow night in Maui, and that will conclude this fantastic tour we’ve been on with Everclear and Vertical Horizon. Thanks to all of you who have come out to see a show, bought merch, said hi to us, etc. We love playing for you.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re taking a few weeks off and starting up again in Atlanta on July 20th - we actually just added a show in Knoxville, TN on July 23rd:

These old t-shirts have almost sold out so last chance to grab one:

And here’s some recent press on the record - check it out while you’re lounging around or BBQ’ing this long weekend and don’t forget to crank our new album!

Rock at Night - Must have album of the summer!:

Cryptic Rock - interview with Tony:

News 4 San Antonio - interview with Miles:

Major League Baseball - video interview with the band:

My Statesman (Austin) - Year’s Best Music So Far:

Ink 19 - Simply put, the latest from Fastball feels like a beautiful, rib-cracking, tear-jerking bear hug from a bunch of old college buddies who you’ve not seen since that night out in the desert, nearly a decade ago:

Real Rock News:

Happy long weekend and 4th of July to you - be safe out there.


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