And awaaaaay we go! 

Alright everyone – we are pleased to finally get some new music out to you, in the form of this wonderful video for the song ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ premiering right now on Consequence of Sound – check it out!

And just cause we thought you’d like em, here are the lyrics to the song:

It may sound funny
I don’t have a lot of money
but I will never let you down
when everything is breaking
the enemy is taking the town

I’ll be Fightin those demons
they’ll be kicking and screaming
I will throw them to the ground
I’m here to protect you to love and respect you
and I will never let you down

I hope you won’t hate me
don’t underestimate me
I’ll always do the best I can
my mind’s a bit hazy I might just drive you crazy
Remember I am only a man
I’m not too pretty
once you reach the nitty-gritty
I’m not the nicest guy in town
I might forget what I say
but at the end of the day
I will never let you down

And a little blurb about it:

The video for “I Will Never Let You Down” was directed by legendary music video director, Nigel Dick (Guns And Roses, Oasis). It was shot in one day at Strange Brew Coffee in Austin, TX. It features Tony’s lovely wife, Jennifer, playing the organizer of a speed-dating event in which Tony initially strikes out.

Enjoy and please spread the word wide and far!


Spring Tour with Everclear and Vertical Horizon!!!

Hey guys and gals -

As promised we have an announcement today – we’re excited to announce we’ll be out on tour in North America this Spring with Everclear and Vertical Horizon, touring behind Everclear’s 20th Anniversary of their album ‘So Much For the Afterglow’ and of course behind our forthcoming brand new studio record, ‘Step Into Light’, out on May 19th.

Check out the tour dates and buy tickets as soon as they are available – it will be a tour not to miss and we can’t wait to be back out on the road playing these new songs for you, along with your favourites of course.

We’ll be offering up Meet N Greets for this tour shortly right here on the Pledge campaign so check in for that as well.


Tourdates >>


New Album!

Join us as we release our brand new album, Step Into Light!

We're getting set to release our first album in six years, and we want you to be a part of the process. Pre-order Step Into Light on PledgeMusic, and get access to exclusive content from the recording of the album and hear the album before anyone else.

Also, get your hands on signed items, merch and bundles that are not available anyone else, as well as once-in-a-lifetime experiences with us like private house concerts, guitar lessons, studio sessions and much more. Check out all of the offerings inside!

Bad Things/TX Gigs/SXSW/Step Into Light

Hello kids.
Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello dropped Bad Things today.
The song features an interpolation of Out Of My Head.
You can buy it on I-Tunes, Amazon, etc.

Fastball is doing a couple of shows in Texas next month.
The band plays their hometown of Austin TXon Nov. 5th at The Parish
You can grab your tickets here. The band plays Fort Worth TX on Nov 11th at Shipping and Receiving. Tickets here.

In other local news, Fastball will be playing SXSW in 2017!

2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for the band because at long last, they will release their 6th album, Step Into Light in theSpring of 2017.

The track listing:

We’re On Our Way
Best Friend
Behind The Sun
I Will Never Let You Down
Love Comes In Waves
Step Into Light
Just Another Dream
Secret Agent Love
Hung Up
Lilian Gish
Frenchy And The Punk

Stay tuned for a link to pre-order the album.

The Tennessee Waltz

The last time we came anywhere near Tennessee was on my birthday back in 2013. I had decided to go on the wagon (on my birthday, good thinking). I traveled separately from the band. When I arrived they were drinking local IPA and I was clomping around the backstage area in silver tap shoes. They were shiny,  and they offered the opportunity to possibly learn a new skill.
They were also incredibly uncomfortable and I left them in the hotel room.

At the very end of the show, the last chord rang out and I put my Les Paul on the stand. A minute later I heard a sickening crash. My Gold Top fell off the stand and I nearly fell off the wagon. The headstock broke completely off. Luckily we were close to Nashville, home to some of the finest luthiers in the world. I left my guitar there for a week, and played a Gibson SG the next few days.

Our mini tour ended in Nashville. We have many friends there and always have a good time. I lived there from 2000 to 2002 so in a strange way it's like coming home. We're playing 3rd & Lindsley this Wednesday at 9pm. You can get your tickets here.

Recording in Ft Wayne at Sweetwater.

Hello kids. Last week we went to Sweetwater (the music store, not the town) to record a new song. The song is called "The Girl You Pretended To Be" penned by Tony Scalzo. This was an unusual recording session because there was an audience of people from all over the place there. Seriously. One guy came all the way from Australia (thanks, Tony!)

Mark Hornsby brings the wall of sound

Mark Hornsby brings the wall of sound

We'd like to thank Mark Hornsby for inviting us and for his skills behind the board. We'd also like to thank everybody who attended, we had a great time. Stay tuned for that song as well as our new album "Step Into Light" which will be out later this year.

Speaking of new releases, The Dandy Warhol's latest album Distortland, dropped in April. Miles co-wrote "Give" and "Pope Reverend Jim" with Dandy's frontman, Courtney Taylor Taylor.

Fastball will be part of the "I Still Miss Liberty Lunch" celebration at ABGB on June 18th. You can catch Tony Scalzo's band Wrenfro there the night before.




Fastball and SXSW

Fastball and SXSW.
While Fastball isn’t playing SXSW, Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga are.
The two Fastball frontmen will be playing all over the place the week of SXSW.
Tony Scalzo will be playing the Strange Brew with his band Wrenfro on Wednesday
March 16th at 8pm and Saturday March 19th at 4pm.
Miles Zuniga has an official SXSW showcase at The Driskill Hotel at 8pm on Thursday March 17th at 8pm.
Both Miles and Tony will be at Lucy’s South by South Austin Extravaganza on Saturday March 19th. Tony goes on at 1pm and Miles takes the stage at 5pm.
Last but not least, Miles will be playing his regular gig with The Resentments on Sunday March 20th at the Saxon Pub at 7:30pm.

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