A Couple Quick Things

Hi Everyone -

Just a couple quick things to note.

1 – This Pledge campaign is officially closed…..meaning you can no longer purchase any items/incentives. The last batch of signed CD’s are being shipped out and if you ordered anything else that you haven’t received, you’ll be in touch with shortly or feel free to email peter@dkd.com. Please note that we will still be sending out updates and keeping you in the loop with all things Fastball for the next little while but we will eventually shuffle everything over to our official website www.fastballtheband.com.

2 – On the note of shuffling things over, the only place to now buy official Fastball merchandise is our online store – https://shop.bandwear.com/collections/fastball-shop – we are currently having a flash sale of old t-shirts, for a limited time all the old t-shirts are only $10. Buy them NOW before they run out cause they will run out soon….we don’t have many left of each.

I think that’s all for now. Till the next update.


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