'Behind the Sun' Video Premiere

Hi Everyone - 

Today we are debuting the third and final video that the great Nigel Dick directed for us, for 'Behind the Sun' from 'Step Into Light'.

The fine folks at Guitar World premiered it this morning on their website so please go check it out: http://www.guitarworld.com/news-videos/fastballs-behind-sun-video-premiere/31366

Here's what Miles had to say about the song and the video:

I wrote this one in open G tuning doing a Beatles White Album fingerpicking pattern. John Lennon learned it from Donavon in India. I learned it from an article in Guitar World one afternoon in Virginia Beach.

I recorded it one night at the Bubble, just Sean Rolie and I. I used an E-bow for that droney  stuff, Tony added a harmony later

Nigel Dick shot the video. We were out in Lockhart TX and it was hotter than hell. I started to moan after we shot 20 takes of the same thing and he said "You'd never make it in the film business, boy." He worked his ass off, 3 videos in 3 days. Whatta guy!

The video also won a Silver Remi Award at the Houston WorldFest International Film Festival earlier this year. 

On another note, here is a link to a photo gallery from the June 7th House of Blues Boston show (photos by Eric Riley): https://artistwaves.com/so-much-for-the-afterglow-tour-in-10-stunning-photos-44c4a6786c22

We hit the road again on July 20th in Atlanta - come on out and see us: http://www.fastballtheband.com/shows/




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