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Recording in Ft Wayne at Sweetwater.

Hello kids. Last week we went to Sweetwater (the music store, not the town) to record a new song. The song is called "The Girl You Pretended To Be" penned by Tony Scalzo. This was an unusual recording session because there was an audience of people from all over the place there. Seriously. One guy came all the way from Australia (thanks, Tony!)

Mark Hornsby brings the wall of sound

Mark Hornsby brings the wall of sound

We'd like to thank Mark Hornsby for inviting us and for his skills behind the board. We'd also like to thank everybody who attended, we had a great time. Stay tuned for that song as well as our new album "Step Into Light" which will be out later this year.

Speaking of new releases, The Dandy Warhol's latest album Distortland, dropped in April. Miles co-wrote "Give" and "Pope Reverend Jim" with Dandy's frontman, Courtney Taylor Taylor.

Fastball will be part of the "I Still Miss Liberty Lunch" celebration at ABGB on June 18th. You can catch Tony Scalzo's band Wrenfro there the night before.




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