Hey kids

Tonight we're in Pittsburgh. Then we leave right after the show to haul ass to Chicago for a morning WGN-TV appearance....and then we're attempting a cover of a song you will never guess, which we'll present to you once it's out and released to the world....so busy times as usual in Fastball-Land. 

And do tune into your local TV station if you are in the greater Chicago area....we'll also send a link once we have it as well. 

And of course we play Arlington Heights, IL tomorrow. And then we head to South Bend, IN....then Columbus, OH.....before landing back in beautiful NYC, for what appears to be a sold out show at Irving Plaza next Tuesday, June 6th. So buy your tickets and come out and see us! This tour is fun as hell and a great bill with three great bands! And if you wanna meet us and say hello, but a Meet N Greet Package: http://www.fastballtheband.com/shows/

Our record has officially been out for a week and we charted in Billboard! Glad to be back on the charts! 

Here are some recent press links:

Daily Vault: http://www.dailyvault.com/toc.php5?review=9518

alon: http://www.salon.com/2017/05/28/summer-music-new-releases-2017/

See you on the road, 



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